Cement Mixing/Bottom Fill Operations

jack-upThousands of pressure sealing cement plugs are installed using wireline every year.  The slurry system is the key component in these plugs.

The most common failure in dumping cement is mixing the slurry incorrectly and having solids fall out of the suspension during bailer descent.  This could lead to a mis-run, or worse yet, having cement strung uphole, as the bailer rattles out of the well.

Global Intervention Services understands the importance of using the very best downhole cement in the oilfield industry.   We use cement mixing procedures that will produce a prolonged slurry suspension, allowing the cement to dump properly, yielding a quality casing plug.

GIS Service personnel use high powered mixers that mix gel retardents, friction reducers, defoamers, and any other additives, providing a lump-free cement blend that will flow smoothly out of the bailers.  The slurry is weighed with a mud scale to make sure the correct weight is achieved, making it less susceptible to contamination from wellbore fluids.  The cement is then top filled or bottom filled into the bailers, and run into the hole.

GIS Service Personnel's main objective is to yield slurries that seal and stay in place for the lifetime of the well.